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Obamacare Information

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Many people have questions about Obamacare, and we are here to answer those questions - without all the politics. If you have questions about Obamacare, you are welcome to ask them here, and we will answer them for you quickly. Just be sure to include your email so that we can send it to you as quickly as possible.

We don't like spam any more than you do, so we don't rent, sell, lend, divulge or give your information to anyone else in any way. We'll use your email address to send your answer to you and to keep you informed on changes, other questions and other developments that affect your health insurance. If you decide that you do not want to receive this information, it is easy to unsubscribe and we won't send you any more emails.

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What's in Obamacare that can affect me right now?

Obamacare: Children up to Age 26 Can Stay on Parents' Policy

Obamacare and State-Run Health Pools

Obamacare: No more maximums on health coverage

Obamacare and Covering Pre-Existing Conditions for Children Under the Age of 19

Obamacare - Covering Preventive Care

Obamacare tax credits for small businesses



The companies listed on this website are only a partial listing of the carriers the Neglia Insurance Group represents.
We have many options that help us create a custom policy that is perfect for you and your family's needs.